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Photo: The winner of Slovenian Ironman is German Maurice Herwig


Koper, September 22nd, 2019 – An unforgettable atmosphere marked this year's half IRONMAN in Koper, which attracted 1,700 athletes and many more spectators. The official winner in the male category, who finished the race after 4 hours and 15 minutes, is the German Maurice Herwig. The Austrian Sonja Tajsich finished the race in 4 hours and 51 minutes and became the winner of the female category. 

Tears and laughter on and off the track, testing of the physical limits and euphoria after crossing the finish line, competing against and encouraging each other ... all of this and much more we have seen and experienced today, at one of the most beautiful endurance competitions in the world. I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria will be long remembered by everyone who proved today that limits exist are only in our minds.


At 9 am, a starting gun echoed in Koper, announcing to 1,700 triathletes that their fight, which they had been preparing for all season, began. The first in a series of trials was swimming. The so called »Rolling Start«, with 4 athletes jumping in the water every 10 seconds, was a real spectacle for the viewers, and followed by 1.9 km of cutting through the waves. After that the triathletes, with the help of volunteers, swung on their bikes and started on a 90-kilometer route that led them through the hilly landscape of the Istrian hinterland, all the way to Italy and back to Koper. The cycling route brought them back to Koper and the athletes, visibly tired yet determined, put down their bikes and set off for the final test. The 21 km long run, or half marathon, was the length they had to overcome after running and cycling. Through this last challenge the cheering of their fans and loved ones was the most beautiful and inspiring. Just before the finish line many eyes had tears in them and strong emotions took over – mostly enthusiasm and sincere joy in both – the athletes and their loved ones. An incredible sports energy was felt in Koper today!


The German Maurice Herwig was first one over the finish line, just 4 hours and 15 minutes after the start, becoming the winner in the male category. 36 minutes later Sonja Tajsich from Austria, the winner of the female category joined him.

“A friend came here last year and praised the course so much that I decided that I might choose this race for the end of the season. But I had some health problems this year, so three months ago I wasn't sure if I would come to Koper. In the end, I decided to come anyway, and it was the best decision of my life. I like the country, I like the bike course because I can show my strength on the ascents," said the female winner, Sonja Tajsich, who is German but lives in Klagenfurt and competes with an Austrian license.

The first Slovenian female, Simona Dolinar Majdič, was over the finish line after 5 hours and 52 seconds. The first Slovenian male over the finish line was Jure Majdič, who finished the race after 4 hours and 17 minutes, becoming second over all.


“Considering the number of hours I put in training in the last three, four months, I am very pleased. These young boys don't have a job or family yet, so it's hard to compete with them. I have to work eight hours a day and when I get home I have two children and a wife waiting for me. That's why I'm super pleased with the results," said Jure Majdič, the second and best-ranked Slovenian right after crossing the finish line, just behind the much younger German Maurice Hervig.

The first three winners in male and female categories are listed below.


The first winners over the finish line were greeted by the Mayor of the Municipality of Koper, Aleš Bržan, the President of the Management Board of Port of Koper, Dimitrij Zadel, and Karmen Novarlič, the Head of the Business Communication Department at the Slovenian Tourism Board. Both of the main sponsors, the Slovenian Tourism Board and the Port of Koper, as well as the four host municipalities - Koper, Izola, Piran and Ankaran – contributed greatly to this year's I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria being an unforgettable event.


In just a few days, registrations for the third I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria will be open. So, see you in September 2020 in beautiful Slovenian Istria!


Firts three athletets in male category:

Maurice Herwig, GERMANY, 04:15:06

Jure Majdič, SLOVENIA, 04:17:37

Lasse Ibert, GERMANY, 04:20:06


Firts three athletets in female category:

Sonja Tajsich, AUSTRIA, 04:51:00

Daniela Kleiser, GERMNAY, 04:53:35

Sophie Van Der Mos, NETHERLANDS, 04:55:54


Fotogalerija 1 (kolo / bike)

Fotogalerija 2 (kolo / bike)

Fotogalerija 3 cilj / finish

Fotogalerija 4 cilj / finish

Objavljeno: 22.09.2019

Vir/avtor: I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria


Vir: I FEEL SLOVENIA IRONMAN 70.3 Slovenian Istria


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